About Me

I started this blog when I was in college. I was 22, totally inexperienced in the realm of love, sex, dating, just understanding guys in general, and in the midst of experiencing one earth shattering embarrassing moment after another. (I bet you a million dollars my virginity story kills yours, hands down.)

I was feeling very lame to say the least. Even though I was brave enough to push myself out of my comfort zone and force new experiences in order to build my self confidence, I was crashing and burning at every turn, and couldn't help but feel like a complete loser. But also, in a weird way, like I was accomplishing something. My first kiss, check. My first time having sex, check. My first boyfriend, check. My first one night stand, check. My first rejection, check. My first heartbreak, check. My first student teacher affair, che - no, just kidding. But he was hot, and we totally eye fucked once. (Like, not literally... just, in case you were trying to picture that, somehow).

Anyway, as I was stumbling my way through it all, and meeting people and making new friends, girl friends, I started to realize that, hey, it wasn't just me. I mean, my individual experiences were quite unique to me, but in general, the situations I was experiencing and emotions I was feeling, were not. And thats when I realized that if me and my friends are feeling the same things, then surely other girls are too. And maybe some of those girls don't have anyone to share with, and feel stupid like me.

So one summer on break, I started writing. And the rest, is history.

It hasn't been a very steady road along the years, but writing has been an outlet for me, a therapy of sorts, and a means of connecting with and learning from other girls who have been through the same.

My thoughts, feelings, loves and losses are all here, for better or for worse. (I've also been embarrassed so many times that I don't get embarrassed anymore, so... that helps.)

What I've learned over the years, every single time I've come back here (it's kinda like the little blog that could), is that love truly is a universal language. As is heartbreak. And all the lessons that come in between. Hense, the title.

Now, having finally entered my 30s, I've promised myself to be selfish with my needs and wants, and most importantly, my time. To really make sure that I'm getting everything I want out of life and the people I that come into it. I think, after all this time, I deserve that.

And so, the stories continue... 


  1. I love the fact you also have a height rule...6 ft only I say ;)

  2. « I've also been embarrassed so many times that I don't get embarrassed anymore, so... that helps. » - The key to success! Keep writing girl, I feel your spirit in every word. ps: you deserve it all.

    1. Lol, indeed! Thank you love, that means so much.