Screw Cupid Pt.2


BTS: Another thing that you establish early on is the notion that there are many, many, many fish in the sea. Can you still believe in soul-mates and romance if you practice/view dating the way you do in the book?

SS: Screw Cupid is all about finding your soul-mate, so I most wholeheartedly and definitely believe in soul-mates, and I like to consider myself a realistic romantic. If you believe in one perfect guy, you have to go through many to find him. Going fishing frequently helps you learn what you like and dislike, and drastically ups your odds of actually coming into contact with someone you can truly and perfectly connect with. Soul-mates are a rarity, and it's extremely unlikely (unless you're very lucky!) that your soul-mates are going to just drop into your life without some effort on your part to expand your soul-mate net.

BTS: How universal is your message? Is the advice you give just as applicable to women in there 20s as it is to women in their 30s, 40s, or 50s?

SS: Yes - All women will be able to relate to the experiences I had when trying to figure out how to talk to guys. Some will probably have tried it themselves and others will shudder at the thought. But everyone will at one point or another have wondered "what if I just talked to him?" so even if they haven't done it themselves, they'll be right there with me.

BTS: What do you say to those who might say that following your advice takes the fun out of dating? How exciting can things get when you have a plan?

SS: Hmmmm...Well, when I think about the fun and spontaneity in dating, I think about the unknowns: Who am I going to meet? What will they be like? How hot are they? Having a plan doesn't eliminate any of that, it just allows me to more easily meet these unknown, potentially totally awesome guys.

BTS: Ok, so it's 'girls night out'. What are 5 things I need to do to make it a successful one?

SS: 1) Trade off being each other's wing-woman. If your best friend likes a guy, distract his friend for her. If you like one, she can talk about how awesome you are and then pretend she needs to leave to let you bond with him.
2) Have code words that you can use to check in with each other about the current status of the interaction. Does she like her guy? Is it time to bail? You like yours and would like to talk to him alone - does she mind leaving for a minute?
3) No competing. There are more than enough awesome guys for everyone when you're able to talk to whomever you want.
4) Wear high heels and your hottest outfit. If you feel hot, you'll look hot and exude confidence.
5) Have a goal for the evening - 5 numbers each, 10 numbers each - whatever you want. It will make the night an entertaining game.

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